Travelon Triplogic Foldable Travel Duffel Luggage Sports Gym Carry-On Bag Black

Travelon Triplogic Foldable Travel Duffel Luggage Sports Gym Carry-On Bag Black

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Product Information

Have you ever been on a trip and needed an extra bag for the return flight? This duffel bag is great if you don't know where your adventures will take you or what you will be bringing back! This lightweight full size duffel bag folds up into its own interior pocket making it easy to pack or store. If you're going to the beach, shopping, or sightseeing and you need a lightweight bag to take along, this is it.

This travel ready duffle bag shrinks down in size, making it simple to store it just about anywhere. Made with durable, water resistant material to ensure that NOTHING can rain on your parade!

One of the best function of the bag is to be used as your spare luggage. You never know how many souveniors you might have from the trip and this folding duffel saves your luggage space as well as save your time. And you won't be worried about the excessive baggage charges, just unfold it and put the overweights in. You can carry it on board. It save your money!


  • Space saving design
  • Duffel folds into interior pocket for packing and storage
  • Transforms from near pocket sized, to full size duffle bag
  • Water Resistant
  • Opens to full size duffel
  • Ultra Lightweight water resistant polyester
  • Flight Carry-on Size: features a compact folding design
  • Easy Transport: A strap allows bag to slide over the luggage upright handle
  • Versatile: Grerat as a gym bag, travel bag, shopping bag and etc.
  • Travel ready: On board with no additional charges, its designed as a carry on bag, you can easily tuck in under the seat in front of you.

Intended use

  • Gym, sports, travel, carry-on bag, shopping bag, overnight bag, hand carry on air travel, weekend trip
  • Labor & delivery bag for hospital
  • Back up bag, lighter-weight primary luggage, an extra bag for souvenirs, or for storage or organize at home or in the car, etc.

Dimensions : 11x24x10 (HxWxD)
Material: Polyester
Color: Black