InstaCHARGE 11000mAh Power Bank Portable Device And Phone Charger - Red

InstaCHARGE 11000mAh Power Bank Portable Device And Phone Charger - Red

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Product Information

instaCHARGE 11,000 mAh Portable Device and Phone Charger It's happened to you. You're out and about when, suddenly, your favorite gadget fizzles. Your phone is dead or your tablet is done for the day. Fortunately, instaCHARGE has your portable power needs covered. This handy device packs plenty of charging capacity into a small unit you can take anywhere. Simply plug your device in and you can get a full or near-full charge so you can keep working, playing and connecting while on the go.

11,000 mAh of charging power

  • Charges a wide variety of devices including mobile phones, MP3 players, gaming systems, Bluetooth devices, cameras/camcorders and GPS units
  • Will charge some tablets that charge from a USB source
  • Will charge any device that uses a USB port to charge
  • Perfect for providing an emergency charge when you're between power sources

Dual USB charging ports

  • Has one 2.1-amp USB port for larger devices like tablets
  • Has one 1-amp USB port for smaller devices like phones, cameras and MP3 players
  • Charges two devices simultaneously

Indicator lights

  • Provides an at-a-glance indication of the charge level of your device
  • 4 lights lit: Approx. 100% power available
  • 3 lights lit: Approx. 50% - 75% power available
  • 2 lights lit: Approx. 25% - 50% power available
  • 1 light lit: Less than 25% power available

Simultaneous charging and usage
Charge your device and use it at the same time
Allows you to make a call while your phone is charging

Long-lasting power

  • Holds its charge for up to 3 months when not in use
  • Takes only hours to recharge the instaCHARGE when it is fully drained. This is faster than most portable chargers on the market

Automatic shut-off protection

  • Helps prevent battery drain when not connected to a device

Short circuit and overcharging protection

  • Offers peace of mind when charging your devices

Flexible recharging options

  • Connect the instaCHARGE to the included AC adapter or plug it into your computer's USB charging port

Compact size

  • Small, lightweight design fits easily in a purse, pocket, briefcase or backpack
  • Keep it in your vehicle's glove box or center console

Charging Capabilities

  • iPhone 6/7 or 8: Fully charges 4 times
  • BlackBerry Bold: Fully charges 5 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: Fully charges 2 times
  • iPad mini: Fully charges 1 time
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Fully charges 1 time
  • Kindle Fire 1st generation: Fully charges 1 time

What You Get

  • instaCHARGE 11,000 mAh portable device charger
  • Pouch
  • AC adapter
  • USB-to-micro-USB cable
  • micro-USB-to-8-pin tip adapter
  • Manual
  • Manufacturer's 90-day limited warranty