Honeywell HAC-504 Humidifier Replacement Filter, Filter A

Honeywell HAC-504 Humidifier Replacement Filter, Filter A

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For Humidifier - Remove Mold Spores, Remove Bacteria, Remove Minerals, Remove Dust, Remove Airborne Particles - 99% Particle Removal Efficiency Particles - 9.3" Height x 5.8" Width

General Information

Manufacturer: Kaz, Inc
Manufacturer Part Number: HAC504PF1
Brand Name: Honeywell
Product Model: HAC-504
Product Name: HAC-504 Humidifier Replacement Filter, Filter A
Marketing Information:

Combating and removing various harmful pollutants and minerals, these Honeywell replacement filters have an exceptionally high compatibility range. They can be placed in nearly all Honeywell natural cool moisture humidifiers. The addition of Protec Antibacterial Treatment decreases the amount of growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria in the filter. Ensure a premier and hospitable breathing environment for yourself and your loved ones with a Genuine Honeywell Filter.

The Honeywell HAC-504 Replacement Filter is an ideal replacement for natural cool moisture humidifiers and will greatly assist in the removal of minerals and pollutants from the water. The Protec antimicrobial treatment helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria on the filter. Featuring an optimized filter design, the Honeywell HAC-504 allows for the maximum in moisture output. It is recommended that the humidifier wicking filter be flipped regularly for the very best result. Depending on water quality and usage, wicking filters should be replaced every 30-60 days.

Product Type: Air Filter

Product Information

Particle Removal Efficiency: 99%

Physical Characteristics

Height: 9.3"
Width: 5.8"
Length: 3.8"


Application/Usage: Remove Airborne Particles
Application/Usage: Remove Bacteria
Application/Usage: Remove Dust
Application/Usage: Remove Minerals
Application/Usage: Remove Mold Spores
Device Supported: Humidifier
  • HCM-300T (HCM300T) Humidifier
  • HCM-305T (HCM305T) Humidifier
  • HCM-305T-CST (HCM305TCST) Humidifier
  • HCM-310T (HCM310T) Humidifier
  • HCM-315T (HCM315T) Humidifier
  • HCM-350 (HCM350) Humidifier
  • HCM-350B (HCM350B) Humidifier
  • HCM-350B-CST (HCM450BCST) Humidifier
  • HCM-530 (HCM530) Humidifier
  • HCM-535 (HCM535) Humidifier
  • HCM-535-20 (HCM53520) Humidifier
  • HCM-540 (HCM540) Humidifier
  • HCM-550 (HCM550) Humidifier
  • HCM-550-19 (HCM55019) Humidifier
  • HCM-551 (HCM551) Humidifier
  • HCM-560 (HCM560) Humidifier
  • HCM-630 (HCM630) Humidifier
  • HCM-631 (HCM631) Humidifier
  • HCM-632 (HCM 632) Humidifier
  • HCM-632TG (HCM632TG) Humidifier
  • HCM-635 (HCM635) Humidifier
  • HCM-640BW (HCM640BW) Humidifier
  • HCM-645 (HCM645) Humidifier
  • HCM-646 (HCM646) Humidifier
  • HCM-650 (HCM650) Humidifier
  • HCM-710 (HCM710) Humidifier
  • HCM-1000 (HCM1000) Humidifier
  • HCM-1000C (HCM1000C) Humidifier
  • HCM-1010 (HCM1010) Humidifier
  • HCM-2000 (HCM2000) Humidifier
  • HCM-2000C (HCM2000C) Humidifier
  • HCM-2001 (HCM2001) Humidifier
  • HCM-2002 (HCM2002) Humidifier
  • HCM-2020 (HCM2020) Humidifier
  • HCM-2050 (HCM2050) Humidifier
  • HCM-2051 (HCM2051) Humidifier
  • HCM-2052 (HCM2052) Humidifier
  • HEV-312 (HEV312) Humidifier
  • HEV-355 (HEV355) Humidifier
  • Enviracaire Mode ECM-250i (ECM250i) Humidifier

Country of Origin: Mexico