1-3/8" 4-Way Side Wall Canopy Fitting

1-3/8" 4-Way Side Wall Canopy Fitting

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Product Summary

The 1-3/8" 4-Way Side Wall Canopy Fitting allows the addition of a side wall pipe to an existing canopy structure. A common use for this product is when the user desires the top canopy tarp to extend past the eaves of the canopy and flow down the sides of the frame. Utilizing the side wall canopy fittings, a canopy pipe can be placed however far down the leg is necessary to be able to secure the overflowing tarp to. Our canopy fittings are crafted from 16 gauge galvanized steel to resist rusting.


  • Galvanized steel construction to resist rusting
  • Designed for use with 1-5/16" outer diameter pipe
  • Outer Diameter (OD): 1-1/2"
  • Inner Diameter (ID): 1-3/8"
  • Leg Length: 5"
  • Thickness: 16 gauge