Motorcycle Pulley Holder - Cal-Hawk CAPMPH

Motorcycle Pulley Holder - Cal-Hawk CAPMPH

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Product Summary

This motorcycle pulley holder is built tough to last through years of use, heavy-duty carbon steel construction and black oxide finish. If you're the type of rider who puts multiple types of bikes on a stand, this pulley holder developed and more than suitable for flywheel and clutch pulleys on a large range of motorcycles. Get the right tool, to get the job done right.


  • Packaging Length: 13"
  • Packaging: Carded Pack
  • Capacity: 045 - 120mm
  • Vinyl dipped strap and foot give added grip
  • Adjustable strap for use on different pulley sizes
  • Rotate handle so foot contacts against pulley to secure, rotate in the opposite direction to release